Tall Sequoia Gallery’s Calls for Artists
We are a gallery with many artistic opportunities!

At Tall Sequoia Gallery, we are all about supporting individual talents within the Global Artists Community. We offer multiple artistic opportunities to help promote Artists & Photographers around the world via a multitude of open calls for Art Exhibitions, Photography Exhibitions, Artist Features, News/Event Publishing, and Artist Residency & sale.

Our last Art & Photography Exhibition closes January 31st!


Presenting art and photography of 114 artists and photographers from 28 countries around the world, this exhibition is as diverse as may be!

Abstracting our world into shapes, forms and colours, making it recognizable only to a point, intriguing the viewer with our own representation of the visual reality that is uniquely different from another’s – is the essence of Abstract Art & Photography, and it intrigues us and makes us analyze.

It takes imagination – wild imagination – to explore the use of shapes, colours, forms and patterns without being limited by the boundaries of the real world. These boundaries are not observed; they are purposefully avoided, allowing us to investigate the possibilities of this limitless exploration, taking us on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, feelings, curiosity.

Notice to artistic community: our gallery will be closing its doors once our last live exhibition expires on January 31st. We are sorry to have to go… We are proud of having served our artistic community by presenting the many opportunities we did, and we are truly sorry that our doors are closing… We are sure you will understand…