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We are a gallery with many artistic opportunities & calls for Artists!

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At Tall Sequoia Gallery, we are all about supporting individual talents within the Global Artists Community. We offer multiple artistic opportunities to help promote Artists & Photographers around the world via a multitude of open calls for Art Exhibitions, Photography Exhibitions, Artist Features, News/Event Publishing, and Artist Residency & sale.


“Summer & Flowers” International Art & Photography Exhibition is now live, and the Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, as well as Honourable Mention recipients have been announced! VISIT THIS EXHIBITION >>>

Our mission is to support Visual Artists & Photographers by offering artistic opportunities aimed at establishing or enhancing an already established presence within the Global Artist Community.

Our promise to you is honesty and integrity in how we run Tall Sequoia Gallery, handle and present your artworks and photography, as well as communicate with you. As the institution that represents Artists within its community, we differentiate ourselves by ensuring that the presentation that we offer is of a highly professional standard. We set a high mark for ourselves in the way we work with you and present your work on our channels, and we promise you that we will hold this mark in order to earn your trust in our services.

We hope that you will consider joining our Community!



Deadline to Enter: JULY 31

This Exhibition will celebrate the ordinary things that inspire us as artists and photographers, and our artistic talents that allow us to create no ordinary art from these ordinary things – all because we have the powers to transform ordinary things into amazing artistic representations and manifestations!


Deadline to Enter: TBD

Through the lens of our eye as abstract artists and photographers, we see the world differently. The world becomes shapes and colours, combinations of geometric figures and lines of different sizes and patterns, all organized in ways that, seemingly chaotic, actually speak to us.

FLYER ART Opportunity!


This is an opportunity to have your artwork on our Exhibition Flyer for “Ordinary No Ordinary” or “Abstract My World” Juried Exhibitions! If you have a piece of art or photography that you would like to see on our Flyer, send it to us for review! Send to admin@tallsequoiagallery.com


Artist & Photographer Feature Opportunity

Tall Sequoia Gallery's Open Calls for Artists - Artwork by Julie Love

We offer a very unique way of featuring our artists. Instead of simply pasting your Artist’s Statement and Bio from your submission, we actually write an engaging article about you and your art practice! Our articles are diverse and interesting to read, and they actually tell your story! Give it a shot!

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Residency Opportunity

Tall Sequoia Gallery's Open Calls for Artists - Artwork by Munazzah Farhan

We offer a Residency Program where you will have your own solo exhibition of your works from one or more bodies of work that will be presented in an appealing and professionally looking gallery. Additionally, you can list a number of your works for sale in our Art Shop! We think it’s an amazing opportunity!

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Publish your Article in our Art Magazine!

Tall Sequoia Gallery's Open Calls for Artists - Artwork

Do you have news to announce? Be that a new workshop you are doing, an event you are organizing or an announcement of a new collection you have just released, you can publish your article in our Art Magazine! Easy process. Great results.

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We welcome artists of all profiles and mediums. No matter what your style of work is and your professional education and experience, your submissions will be welcomed at Tall Sequoia Gallery! We ensure that NO BIASES are used in our selection process – all is fair game where only the artwork submitted matters, and your experience, art education or background are irrelevant.

Paintings, digital art, photography, drawings, collage – you name it! – all are accepted to be part of our competitions and shows. We are simply honored to work with amazing artists like you because we realize that all art is art, and everyone who creates art is an artist!


Artists of the World Juried Art & Photography Exhibition

Art is inseparable from life. Where there is life, there is art. Art has been with us through the ages, dark times, peaceful times, times of despair and times of happiness. Art has powers… Super powers…. It can make us smile, cry, laugh, be sad or happy… >> VIEW EXHIBITION

WE. WILL. WIN. Art & Photography Exhibition

We are living in a difficult time. Some of us are fighting for our lives. Some – for the lives of their loved ones. But all of us are anxious because the future during COVID-19 outbreak that we are in the midst of is unknown… >> VIEW EXHIBITION


“Summer & Flowers” Juried Art & Photography Exhibition

Summer brings with it long days, sunshine, flowers and thunder storms! Summer smells of sun rays, of rain clouds, of horses and of fresh cut grass; it smells of barbecue and Pina coladas, sunscreen and watermelons, fresh strawberries and lake breeze! And that is precisely why Summer is the most GLORIOUS season one can ever imagine, and its gloriousness is super energizing, inspiring and invigorating!  >> VIEW EXHIBITION