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Munazzah Farhan goes by “Mooni”. She is a Canadian based Finger Painting artist of modern impressionism and textural expressionist creating her masterpieces with oil and acrylic paints. Currently living in Toronto, she had previously worked and lived in Asia, Middle East and Europe. She is a graduate in engineering and holds an MBA degree.

Mooni loved sketching from her very childhood, but as she grew up and started University, her love for sketching needed to be curbed in favour of her studies. As the time went by, she became determined to try her her skills creating something new that she had never tried before.

Mooni rediscovered her love of art back in 2010. At that time, she was in search of something that would set her apart from the rest of people, make her have a purpose, be unique. She had never used oil and acrylics and had never painted with colors before, but she pursued her desire to be unique, and, through her passion and perseverence she was able to discovered her new unique self: someone with strength, determination, consistency and potential to stand still in storms.

“I am blessed to have parents that believe in me and provide me all stuff to let [me do what I love].”

Originally, Mooni started paintings as a finger painting artist. She created textures, details, depth, lines and scratches – all with one tool: her hands. She used fingers and nails to create textures in her paintings, but never a brush or a palette knife. With this style of work, Mooni was able to create a number of commissioned works for her clients.

In 2019, Mooni discovered brushes and became a new way of painting for her.

“I likes to create art to capture my audience’s attention and through textures make them feel to be connected with her paintings.”

Mooni explains that her aim is to give life to walls with color and vibrance. She loves to describe her paintings with words, and uses words to paint every single shade and stroke that itself tells a story that anyone can relate to. In her paintings she conceals a hidden message that she hope will help release stress and anxiety for those who own it.

For herself, Mooni claims that art has helped her overcome her own challenges. In 2012, when she was pregnant with her first daughter, and then later with her second pregnancy, Mooni was bound to a wheelchair throughout the whole 9 months due to complications in her legs and hips that prevented her from doing even the most basic activities. By some miracle, she gave birth to her daughters’ little lives, but it took her 2 years after each birth to get her own life back. During that time, she persevered with pursuing her passion and continued to paint and work on commissions, finding strength and hope through her work. Mooni is truly blessed to have her loving and caring husband; she feels that without his support she would never be able to pursue her passion.

Today, Mooni has a small studio in her home where she creates her beautiful paintings.

“It is the place where magic happens on the canvas, lots of thought process, gaining of positive vibes… I put my soul and indulgence of energy into my paintings.”

Mooni draws her inspiration from living life in different countries. Her work represents different cultures she has been part of throughout her life journey. She is inspired by cityscapes and landscapes and tries to represent them in her paintings using her unique style and vision.

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