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Arthur Karasik is an artist based in Toronto and goes by the moniker Karart2016. His journey to becoming an artist has been circuitous. He has managed a fulltime medical practice for 35 years and in 2016 discovered his passion for art.

Having enjoyed some successes with digital photography/art for charities and advertising materials, he made the decision to set foot into the realm of acrylic painting.


Arthur has trained at OCAD on weekends and nights to enhance his knowledge and develop his own unique style, and on this journey and beyond Arthur has been able to build a very extensive body of work which is his own.

Karart2016’s artwork is both vibrant and chaotic; it’s meant to stimulate and encourage his audience’ imagination and curiosity. He describes his work as “subconscious abstract experimentation.”

“I have always enjoyed photography, and digital art was a natural extension. I had a few successes with digital creations, but when a gallery rejected me for representation, I looked at their abstract art and decided I would attempt abstract painting.”

That was when Arthur set out on achieving his goal of becoming better than what he had seen in the gallery that had rejected his works. He persevered his dream of becoming an artist with the capital “A” so that the only answer he’d get going forward would be a “yes”.


“I have no formal training in art let alone painting or drawing. However, I bought acrylic paint and picked up a brush for the first time in January 2019. It was seduction at its best, I have been in love with abstract acrylic painting ever since. I have improved my skills by attending courses at OCAD and connecting with my fellow artists.”

Arthur gets his inspirations from most artists: he is fascinated by how they draw still life or the human figure and admits that these subject matters are his 2 weaknesses. He explains that he is inspired by any artist who offers their time and advice to teach him something new. Among the classic artists, Arthur appreciates the genius of Picasso, Dali and Jackson Pollock, and one can observe their influences in his art which is truly extraordinarily unique.

“The style I prefer is experimental abstract expressionist and colourist. This is what came to me naturally and the style I most identify with. On instagram I follow many artists devoted to the largess of colour and the abstract human form.”

Currently, Arthur creates at the artist collective at Northern Contemporary in Parkdale, Toronto.

“The beauty of this stems form the fact that I can ask for immediate feedback from other artists on any painting or pose questions about process.”

All said and done, Arthur admits that there are still some challenges that he is facing every day in his art practice: how do you use social media to appeal to a wider audience?, how do you price a piece?, how do you make sure that rejections do not discourage you? –  these are all elements of creating that he was not prepared for when he began his artist journey.

“You start with passion and then comes the realities of the art business.”

Follow Karart2016 on his Instagram account and visit his website to see more artwork of his.

Karart2016 accepts commissions.


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