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Some 30 years ago Maureen McNeil tried her hand at art by making an ad-hoc decision to grab a very large canvas and experiment on it. Big canvas meant big challenge, but Maureen was determined to conquer it. After hard work of many days, the canvas was no longer blank; she completed her first painting.

Then a miracle happened…

“Someone in the film industry asked to buy my painting, it was all the motivation I needed!”

Ever since, Maureen can’t get her hands off her paints and tries to immerse herself in art as much as the time allows. She works from her home studio which she organized in the lower floor of her house where she has  all the space she needs for her creative juices to flow and transpire into her beautiful works of art. Maureen calls her studio “my gallery, studio and sanctuary”. She admits that she dearly loves her studio and that it is the space where her heart and soul reside, a space where she feels loved and cared for.

Maureen goes by the slogan “Paint every day and you will get better”. And she does try to paint every day! Art, she explains, evokes these totally contradictory yet mutually supporting feelings in her: it makes her feel “fabulous, free, crazy, and calm” at the same time.

“My challenge is remembering that there are other things to do and be done besides painting 24/7!”

In her works, Maureen uses elements of abstraction slightly simplifying the subject to its geometric shapes. She describes her style as “Contemporary/ Impressionistic” and admits that she developed it by making many mistakes over time but never giving up! She made sure that nothing gets in the way of her artistic path, that no disappointment and no failure caused her to give up her dream, and then eventually things started to flow. Today, Maureen creates art that has her unique signature on it: she can proudly call it her own.

With Canadian landscapes being her beloved subject matter, one inevitably draws parallels with the art of the Group of Seven – a group of Canadian landscape painters from 1920 to 1933. Maureen indeed draws her inspirations from the artworks produced by the Group of Seven, but mostly, she says, she works with her imaginary landscapes and snapshots that her own mind forms which allows her to create truly original artworks that no one has a copy of.

Maureen McNeil Artwork - Birches Maureen McNeil Artwork- Lake Maureen McNeil Artwork - Tree Logs

Maureen is a member of Mississauga Art Society, Oakville Art Society and Dundas Valley School of Art.

Aside from concentrating a lot of her time around her art practice, Maureen is also bringing up 4 fabulous kids (26,24,22,13), takes care of one dog and has an incredible husband – all of whom provide fantastic supports and act as wonderful critics of her art.

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