Anastasia Rydlevskaya’s Art as a Reflection of her World

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Anastasia Rydlevskaya is an artist from Belarus. She grew up in a creative family that has always had high appreciation for art.

Having had a chance from very early age to observe and be part of her family’s love of art, she herself began exploring art when she was very young. To this day, more than 10 years since she first took a brush into her hands, she continues to develop her skill and personal style in art.

Being able to work with many mediums including oil pastels, oil paint, collage, acrylic, gouache and watercolour, Anastasia has the freedom to enjoy the versatility of styles and patterns that each of these mediums allows her to create as she continues to explore various subject matters in her art.


“I am a prism that reflects the world. I reflect my inner feeling of the world with my art.”

Anastasia’s paintings are deep in their subject matter. They seem to hide a meaning – each one has something to say and can be interpreted in psychological or even philosophical ways. One can see that there is a lot of emotion in her paintings. They are full of hidden feelings and inner contemplations. They evoke thought and trigger imagination in the viewer.

“I feel absolute happiness when i paint. I feel free and meaningful as if everything in life makes sense.”

Anastasia’s studio is a room in her apartment in Minsk, and it’s a place to which she has a warm emotional connection.

“It used to be my mom’s room until she moved out”, she explains. “There’s not much to it but i’m so lucky that I have the chance to work where I live and to work there alone.”

The inspiration that Anastasia uses to create her artworks comes from her own feelings, colors, literature, music, films, and other artists. Artists such as Chaim Soutine and Egon Schiele inspire her own creativity. Primarily using her own imagination, she is able to create truly unique art that reflects her own feelings and emotions.

With quite a large collection of paintings in her arsenal,
Anastasia dreams of having her own personal art exhibitions. One of the challenges, she admits, is not having enough opportunities where her art can be showcased for others to see and appreciate. Nevertheless, she keep working towards her dream, continuing to create art and building her audience on social media.

“Its hard yet meaningful to keep on believing in yourself even if everybody else doesn’t…. I have yet a very long and adventurous path to go, hope greatness awaits.”

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