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Shirley Clark’s artistic journey began with her husband giving her a nice set of paints about 40 years ago. Inspired by this gift, Shirley started off on her discovery of herself as an artist by experimenting with styles and subject matters.

While initially she had been painting on and off without regular consistency, Shirley became serious about her art practice around 2012 when she began painting every day. To help keep herself going on creating her beautiful art, she had set up her own routine which made it almost effortless to paint daily.

“I get up early and go to my studio, in my home, and start a new painting”, she says.

Shirley usually starts her daily painting practice at about 5:oo AM and finishes about 9:00 AM which gives her an opportunity to paint 4 hours a day.

Today, Shirley is an established self-taught artist with her own unique style and vision.

“I enjoy painting animals, flowers and birds the most but I will try almost anything.”

Very versatile with her subject matter and comfortable with many mediums, Shirley loves working with oil, acrylics and watercolors. Her medium of preference, however, is oils, and she gives it most of her time and attention. Her style centers around realistic pictures, and Shirley admits that she loves using bright colors in her art.

The main inspiration for Shirley comes from the beauty she finds around her, including wild live and nature, but she is also inspired by seeing others enjoy her paintings. She admits that it is a very special feeling to know that something you have created is liked and cherished by someone else.

Shirley’s studio is set in her home where her formal living room was transformed into her own space in which she spends her mornings painting. Her husband did a fabulous job transforming the space into a fully functional art studio complete with cabinets for paints and drying shelves for Shirley’s paintings.

Today, Shirley enjoys a standing membership of the Winter Garden Art Association in Orlando, Florida. She has been asked to display her paintings at the Winter Garden Library and has sold some of them at the Winter Garden Art Gallery.

Shirley maintains a Facebook profile where she posts all of her artworks.


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