Anthony York’s Futuristic Colorado-Inspired Landscapes

Anthony York’s Website

Anthony York is an Artist based in Colorado, U.S.A. where he lives and creates. Anthony chose Colorado for its beautiful landscapes and finds himself constantly inspired by their diverse beauty.

Anthony has a special kind of love for the outdoors (of which Colorado has plenty) and often sets out to explore its natural world. Nature is where he draws his inspiration from, and one can see it reflected in Anthony’s art.

“Whether painting views of the Rocky Mountains nearby or creating fictional landscapes, I enjoy practicing the visual arts.”

Though there is also another inspiration that greatly influences Anthony’s artistic style, and it’s drawn from science fiction novels and films with strange and new landscapes. Perhaps that is where Anthony gets his ideas for unrealistic colors and shapes for his artwork which he uses to abstract his favourite subject of nature.

“Art has interested me since childhood and I developed my passion through the study of landscape architecture”, says Anthony.

Having been painting for about 10 years, Anthony has always liked to experiment with different materials, techniques and subjects, but, he admits, he remains drawn to landscape scenery.

“The escape and a creational journey of art is the driving force for me. It takes you to other worlds, times and places that you have been or only dreamed of exploring.”

Anthony’s studio is part of his home, and it’s the space that he cherishes deeply because it’s ideally situated to provide him a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains. What better way to be inspired!

His favourite mediums are Oils and Acrylic Paints.

Anthony accepts commissions. Follow his Instagram account to support his art practice!


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