Cheol Yu Kim’s Intercept between Reality and Imagination

Cheol Yu Kim is an Artist & Sculptor based in South Korea. In his masterpieces, Cheol Yu creates imaginary landscapes by working with pen on wood or paper. His works of art use limited palette and a lot of imagination, which makes them purely fantastic in their simplicity and complexity at the same time.

“I build, destroy and reassemble numerous unique forms from my dreams and imaginations, over and over again. Then it’s becoming my very own landscape.”

Cheol Yu admits that it has taken him a lot of exercise and learning to finally achieve the level of mastery that he is at. His artworks are an intercept between reality and imagination.

“I often fly in my dreams.”… “[but] even in dreams I could not escape my reality: things [in my dreams are] still defined and regulated by an overpowering world.”

Cheol Yu explains that often he has to put extra effort into creating his own definition and his own law, using visual images.  His memories and experiences are intermingled with his imagination and dreams.

“It is often unclear what is real and what is not. I find it hard to draw a line between the real and the imaginary, and that line is where I start. My work arises from the boundaries of what is familiar and what is not. It helps me deal with life better, one step at a time.”

Likewise, heavily influenced by his intermingled realities and imaginary things, Cheol Yu’s works are exactly that: two worlds colliding: One can observe both real things suspended in unreal state of being, as well as imaginary things that seem to be rooted or positioned in a real way. Quite a compact world results from this mixed reality, and this is what makes Cheol Yu’s works so interesting and engaging! The eye follows through the multilayered surface of his art, keeping the observer fascinated each step of the way while contemplating about what it is that they are seeing and how it fits into their own reality.

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