Richa Aggarwal’s Watercolor Landscapes

Richa Aggarwal is an Artist based in Singapore.

Hello Everyone,I am Richa. I live in singapore with my husband and a daughter. I am a dentist turned artist. I left my 8 years of clinical practice for my passion and now I am on a journey of creating my passion into profession.

I am an entrepreneur by heart and I got this gene from my father and my artistic hand from my mother. I want to help everyone to find their passion and enjoy their life to the fullest as its the best feeling in the world.

I also love to connect with moms who are creative. I love beauty and love to create. With them I feel an extension of myself. A little secret: I also write sometimes! So painting, creating and journaling are my ways to connect and express.

Richa has been a dentist for 8 years – that is her profession. She also paints beautiful landscape art – that is her passion.

She had been painting from time to time since her childhood, but only discovered her true passion after her baby was born and she moved to Singapore. Her passion was for art, and art became a very important part of her life ever since.

“I start taking [art] more seriously in the mid of 2019 and finally decided to left my dentistry career for my passion..not an easy decision though.”

Richa admits that finding her passion was an amazing thing for her, but becoming a full time artist was not an easy decision! She had never planned to leave dentistry before this, and she still remembers the day when she found her passion and how it made her have tears in her eyes.

“For me making art is like opening the wild imagination of my mind… I first paint a picture in my mind and then on paper.. it brings so much joy to me when I am painting.. I am totally immersed in it with the believe that I would create something interesting with my brush.. It liberates me. I feel like I am in my own world… When I am painting, I never listen to any songs or podcast as I am not a multitasker in this and I create more with my mind.”

Richa is  a nature lover so while painting she feels connected with the nature. That is the reason why she mostly paints landscapes..

“I feel so incomplete without creating something. Its like a way of mine giving back to mother earth, creating joy and peace in others life and adding value to the world.”

Richa’s inspiration are everywhere..

“…standing in my balcony or going out and observing things is a great way [to get inspired].. Being an artist you need an observant eye.. I can gaze at the sky or the water or the trees for hours. Travelling inspires me a lot. I had learned from all the traditional and contemporary artist like Emilly Jeffords, Jenna Rainey, Peter Wolley, Milind Mulick.”

In addition to her inspirations, Richa is continuously learning. She learns from books, podcasts and tutorials. She believes that learning is an eternal part of our life and she can never stop it.

Richa’s studio is at the kitchen table in her home which becomes her working station by the day and is used as the dining table by the night.

“Its fun to see how [many things happen] on that small table.But I always dream of a cute studio of my own which have my creative vibes: well arranged and aesthetically appealing where I can jump start to paint anytime and can pin all my inspirations . But indeed to create you just need a willing heart so you can start from kitchen table itself.”

Richa admits that her style is still evolving. Currently she works with watercolours, and since she is a nature love and has a special appreciation for travel, her work revolves around various destinations around the world.

“Basically I am travelling through my canvas and connecting with like minded people who wants to cherish their travel memories and stories. Blue is my favourite color so I use a lot of shades of blue in my paintings are usually subtle and warm.Wet on wet is my favourite technique so I definitely incoporate it in my work …I just love the way it spreads and feels like it is creating joy in every corner.”

Through my art I want to create peace and joy in ones life and its a tribute to mother earth for all the blessings.I hope people can feel the joy and blessings through my work.

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