Daria Mamonova’s  Art as a Conversation with Herself and the World


Daria Mamonova is an Artist whose roots originate from Russia. Daria now lives in China where she has established her new home and studio and where she continues to create her beautiful art among the many beautiful Chinese sceneries and kind people.

From the age of 11, Daria started to explore art. She spent 6 years studying it in the art school from which she graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design. But that was only the first step towards completely immersing her life in art, because Daria chose to proceed with further education in art by choosing to major in Fine Arts in her current university.

Today, she truly feels that art is part of Daria’s life as much as she could ever imagine.

“Art is my passion, I’ve been doing it all my life.”

Daria’s major inspiration is drawn from the nature itself. She is fascinated by its various states throughout the seasons, with the natural light and its many manifestations, by the rich palette of colours that it offers, unique shapes of trees, plants and trees.

“I’ve always been fascinated by nature, its shapes and colours. The main topic of my art is peace.”

Daria finds peace in God and nature, and her art is a form of expression that she uses to communicate with her inner world.

“I really enjoy the process of creating artwork. When I paint I am so much in it, I can’t think about anything else; all my attention is in the painting I am doing. It makes me relax and in the same time I feel so exited.”

Daria mostly works with oil colors. Her art is her conversation with the world and herself.

“The more I paint, the more I understand myself.”

Daria admits that becoming an artist was just a dream first, but it has never left her. Today she realizes that the dream she has always had has come true, and she can call herself an Artist with the capital “A”.

Daria’s art breaths life and peace.

Daria accepts commissions. Follow her Instagram Account to help support her art practice.


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