2nd Place Award Winner – Robbie Kaye, USA

Photography & Digital Art Category

Robbie Kaye is the winner of the 2nd Place Award in our “Artists of the World” Art & Photography Exhibition (Photography & Digital Art), and her winning photograph “The Oak Knows” is a truly majestic mix of realism and abstraction!


Robbie is a US based photographer.

Inspired by all things in nature, society and life, I create photographs and resin paintings, sometimes merging the two, with a goal of producing provocative imagery. My work consists of landscape images, literal and abstract, that invite interpretation through the viewer’s lens.

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Liza Zhurkovskaya who praised Robbie’s work in her Juror’s Statement:

“Robbie Kaye’s work doesn’t fully represent realism and is not a full abstraction but a blend of both. However, Robbie focuses more on the abstraction as her intent is not to reflect or convey anything ‘concrete’ or ‘real,’ but to tell a story through aesthetics and elements of composition. We can see the three main elements that abstract photography encompasses: focus on form, color, and texture – all three are dominant in Robbie’s work and visualize Robbie’s desire to invite people to interpret her work through their own lens. I am also really impressed by how the artist skillfully expressed the mood and the atmosphere of the landscape she depicted.”

Short Biography
Robbie Kaye’s work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, such as The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature, Palm Springs Art Fair, Brittany Davis Gallery and others. She has been featured in numerous publications including Lens Culture, Lenscratch, F Stop Magazine, Esquire, Aestetica, Mashable, Yahoo and Gourmet Magazine. Robbie has authored four books including, “Beauty and Wisdom,” a tribute to an overlooked generation of older women in a youth driven society. She is presently completing “What Eyes See,” her recent collection of mixed media artwork.

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