3rd Place Award Winner – Kam Tim Lam, Hong Kong

Traditional Art Category

Kam Tim Lam is the winner of the 3rd Place Award in our “Artists of the World” Art & Photography Exhibition (Traditional Art), and his winning artwork “Peace and Calm” is an absolutely masterful watercolor piece!


Kam Tim Lam is a watercolor artist based in Hong Kong.

My themes and inspirations come from little thing, everyday life and those old photos that I have taken. If I feel the photo impress me, I will use it for my painting idea. I will change the color tone, atmosphere and composition in order to get the ideal visual effect.

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Liza Zhurkovskaya who had this Juror’s Statement about Kam Tim Lam’s work:

“I believe that with landscape art expressing the mood and the feelings the artist had while creating the work is really important. With Kam Tim Lam’s work, the viewer can see how her emotions flowed into brush strokes and how the artist thought about a color tone, atmosphere, and composition to get the ideal visual effect that will express the atmosphere of that moment in time. The mix of blurry areas and very detailed objects creates a visual balance and invites the viewer to reflect, meditate or go back in memory of the last rainy day they spent being close to nature. “

Short Biography
Kam Tim Lam has worked in many fields, including graphic design, advertising design and fashion design field. Since last few years, he has pick up his paint brush and started his painting life.

“My specialty in art is watercolor and new dimensional Chinese ink painting. My styles are mainly modern semi-realistic. Personally, I love heavier tones, strong colour and high contrasts , and more sense of spacing pictures. Some of my paintings will reflecting some fusion of Orient and Western style and technique.”

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