3rd Place Award Winner – Catalina Aranguren, USA

Photography & Digital Art Category

Catalina Aranguren is the winner of the 3rd Place Award in our “Artists of the World” Art & Photography Exhibition (Photography & Digital Art), and her winning photograph “Corner Store in the Rain” celebrates every day life in a beautiful way.

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition Artwork by Catalina Aranguren - Cornerstore in the Rain

Catalina Aranguren is a Colombia born artist who is living in USA.

Catalina Aranguren’s work explores the relationship between perception and cognition. The artist doesn’t set out to look for subjects. The texture, shape, or relation between subjects will instantly fascinate her, and she will in turn try to document the moment. Her work focuses on the irrelevant and mundane, an elevating documentation created by using light and perspective. The process of subjecting everyday objects to be infused with a narrative detailing their place and our identity in art and society is amplified as these images are not digitally manipulated. Catalina’s work is a dialogue about the modern world and our place in it. Light is the foundation and sets the tone of the conversation.

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Liza Zhurkovskaya who provided this Juror’s Statement about Catalina’s work:

“I selected this work as it celebrates everyday life or what the artist calls the “irrelevant and mundane.” She documents the everyday objects and moments without staging the scene or pre-selecting the subject. To keep the images raw and in-the-moment, they are not digitally manipulated. It helps the artist to open the dialogue about the modern world and our place in it. It also helps the viewer to gain a new appreciation for everyday life and see the beauty in it as well.”

Short Biography
I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. At the age of 5 my parents moved and I was raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied K – 12th at the International School there. Growing up, my friends were from everywhere in the world; religion, race, culture and language were not things I was aware of as differences …it wasn’t who they were innately, it was merely a part of where they came from.

My childhood was a constant wavering between languages, cultures, and third and first worlds, on a daily basis. At home, we would sit around the dining table and I would speak Spanish with my parents, turn, and speak in English to my sister.

I moved to Chicago to study photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received my BFA. Before I graduated, I did a semester in Europe at the Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris, France.

My husband and I are currently raising three bilingual, bicultural, biracial and bustling boys in New Jersey.

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