“Best of Show” Award Winner – Nathan Cole, Canada
Traditional Art Category

Nathan Cole is the winner of the 1st Place Award (Best of Show) in our “Artists of the World” Art & Photography Exhibition (Traditional Art), and his winning artwork “Widowmaker of the Savanna” truly deserves this recognition!

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition & Calls for Artists - Artwork by Nathan Cole 1

Nathan is a Canadian artist who creates unique artworks by using a scratchboard.

Scratchboard is a delicate process, you create by scratching away the ink. The more you scratch and the more repetitive you are, the less the surface remains the same. Humans create their societies in a similar way, they create by taking away the resources. Stripping the surface to create something new. This is often a destructive process that results in animals disappearing along with their habitats. I want to creatively re-engineer this process, to give these animals a new life, a new future out of darkness.

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Liza Zhurkovskaya who highly praised Nathan’s winning piece:

“This work attracted my attention the first second I saw it. I love how simple but at the same time detailed it is. I couldn’t tell right away what medium it was; I think this is why it sparked my interest and curiosity to learn more. After reading the artist’s statement, I learned that Nathan is working by erasing (scratching away the ink) and not by adding the paint as most artists do. This adds to the uniqueness and creativity aspect and why this work was selected for the first place. It’s beautiful both visually and conceptually and explores a significant and relevant theme of animal extinction in the world we live in.”

Artist’s Short Biography
Nathan Cole is an artist, photographer, and writer working out of Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the Honours BFA program from Western University in London, Ontario in 2003, Nathan is now emerging as a professional artist after rediscovering the scratchboard medium in 2013. He is best known for his intricate and emotional portraits of highly expressive animals on scratchboard. He carefully uses negative space and the starkness of black-and-white to create engaging chiaroscuro compositions, sometimes playful, sometimes profound.Nathan attended the Mauser EcoHouse artist residency in Costa Rica after winning the Nanci Christopher photography grant and will soon be participating in the Farm Studio residency in Andore, Rajasthan, India. He has exhibited his work at the Super Wonder Gallery, Queen West Art Crawl, Beaux Arts Brampton, in the Greater Toronto Area. As well as Eduardo Lira Gallery in Miami where he was a semi-finalist for ARTBOX.Projects and The Treasury in Pontiac, Michigan where he won 3rd place in the Handcrafted Category. Nathan’s scratchboard work has also been featured in Murze Magazine.

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