3rd Place Award Winner – Arthur Karasik, Canada
Photography & Digital Art Category

Arthur Karasik’s intriguing digital artwork “Flower Girl” is our 3rd Place Award Winner in the “Summer & Flowers” Art & Photography Exhibition (Photography & Digital Art Category).

Arthur Karasik creates both with acrylics and digitally, and his works are bright and spontaneous. His imagination has no boundaries, and he is able to effectively use it in his abstract art which results in beautiful vibrant works of infinitely various subjects and compositions.

The winning work “Flower Girl” is a Digitally-rendered art piece where Arthur combined abstract and figurative elements to create a female future from an intricate bed of floral elements. The girl is turned away, and her body does not have sharply defined boundaries, which makes the viewer have their own interpretations of the meaning of this piece. Overall a very beautiful artwork demonstrating great skill in digital art.


Arthur Karasik is a Toronto based artist who discovered his passion for art after a long career in Medicine. His artwork is both vibrant and chaotic and thoroughly stimulating.

He describes his work as “subconscious abstract experimentation”.

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Diane Soward who commented: “Very unique composition, high level of detail in the flowers. Great use of colour.”

Artist’s Short Biography
Arthur Karasik is an artist based in Toronto Canada and goes by the moniker Karart2016. His journey to becoming an artist has been circuitous. He has managed a fulltime medical practice for 35 years and in 2016 discovered his passion for art. Having enjoyed some successes with digital photography/art for charities and advertising materials for pharmacies, he made the decision to set foot into the realm of acrylic painting. He has trained at OCAD on weekends and nights to enhance his knowledge. The artwork is both vibrant and chaotic to stimulate and encourage his audience. He describes his works as “subconscious abstract experimentation”

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