3rd Place Award Winner – Emily Shih, Taiwan
Traditional Art Category

Emily Shih’s dynamic and invigorating acrylic painting “Awakening” is so full of live and joy, it took the 3rd Place Award in the “Summer & Flowers” Art & Photography Exhibition (Traditional Art Category).

Emily Shih’s acrylic paintings are full of live and colour, and this particular winning artwork stands out because of the dynamic that can be felt in it. Its vibrant palette and composition radiate the heat and the happy mood which the viewer can feel immediately. In her unique style, Emily was able to reflect the feeling of being free and enjoying life in this painting, and this is what captivates and holds the viewer’s attention so strongly: you just want to be immersed in its vibe and not let go!


“My paintings are inspired by nature’s beauty. By utilizing the bright and saturated colors, I arrange the irregular shapes and various chroma of color blocks alternatively, and simplify the details of the scenery. I would like to show the spatial extensity, rhythm and the impressionism with the colors, and furthermore I hope to construct new imagery and resonance visually.

I believe that artworks can bring people a lot of throbbing of mind; therefore, I want to use my work to heal people’s hearts. In my work, showing the gentle and peaceful harmony, and if, the temperature of brush can comfort lonely in the deep inside heart, I would like to paint all the better, and use art to color the world.”

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Diane Soward who commented: “Fantastic use of colour in this painting. I feel the heat, energy and joyfulness of the summer.”

Artist’s Short Biography
Emily is a self-taught artist living in Taiwan. Working with acrylic and watercolour mediums, Emily has been painting for 10 years.

“I enjoy using rich and bright colors on various geometric shapes to create my own magic colorful world. That’s the unique way to express my inner self, and how I worship the Mother Earth.”

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