“Best in Show” Award Winner – Daniela Mazzeo, Italy
Photography & Digital Art Category

Photograph “Relationship” by Daniela Mazzeo of Italy presented in our “Summer & Flowers” Art & Photography Exhibition took 1st Place Award (Best in Show) in Photography & Digital Art Category.

There were many amazing photography works submitted to this show, but the winning photography “Relationship” by Daniela Mazzeo caught our juror’s eye immediately. This winning piece demonstrates great composition and character, showing a set of two identical butterflies resting on a wooden twig near their treat – a half-orange.


“My artwork represents the cycle of nature and life in general through the life of butterflies. Special beings and symbol of freedom and beauty. Their short life represents a life metaphor for all of us.”

All submissions were judged by our Guest Juror Diane Soward who loved this piece: “Very creative composition. I can see other images within this painting, including a face.”

Artist’s Short Biography
Daniela started shooting about 4 years ago. In Italy she was able to get closer to the world of art and discovering a new way to express herself. She studied the power of attraction and met people with the same philosophy of life. She started using intuition, “a power that we all have but few of us know or do not stimulate. I had given strength and power to my unconscious and I follow it. I had to let it speak. The art always has been part of me, I just had to discovered it”. Later in life she moved to London.

“London has taught me a lot and continues to do so every minute of my life. At the beginning I practiced taking many street photos (but I have always been attracted to nature photography) driver by curiosity to observe and capture realities never seen before”.

Currently Daniela lives in London where many of her projects were born.

“Thanks to this city I was able to realize my dream of having my first exhibition in Italy.”

Daniela considers herself a traveller committed to self-research rather than a professional photographer. Photography is only a medium with which one can express.

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