Jack Kosowsky’s Artistic Visions Expressed in Photography


“Growing up, I never felt the least bit artistic. I can’t draw or paint and have zero musical talent. With that said, the artistic side of photography is something that you can learn. It takes time but it can be done.”

Jack Kosowsky describes himself as “a 50-something year old married guy with two sons and one grandson”. He lives near Princeton, New Jersey, USA, where he creates his photography as the means of expressing his acquired artistic vision. With New York City & Philadelphia both less than an hour away, the great Jersey Shore – 45 minutes away and Princeton University only a few minutes away, Jack has a special appreciation for how each of these places are incredible for photography.

“I’ve primarily enjoyed photographing City-scapes, landscapes and flowers. With the pandemic and being unable to travel, I’ve spent the vast majority of my photography time photographing flowers. I divide these into two separate categories. Inside & Outside. Each have their own challenges.”

Taking photos being absolutely the most beloved pastime of Jack’s, his next favorite thing to do is to look at other peoples pictures. He spends a lot of time on Instagram, flickr, 500px just looking at the works of others and getting inspired by their creativity: “It’s incredible the imagination that some people have and the amazing images that they create!”

Jack initially got into photography about 20 years ago with the intent of taking ‘Sports Illustrated’ quality photos of his son playing ice hockey. However, that didn’t go as planned: the education process was quite slow and took many years until eventually he was able to combine the knowledge of using a camera with the artistry necessary to create beautiful photographs.

Jack encouragingly exclaims that anyone can learn to be a photographer: “To create a truly great photo, you combine what I call the ‘science’ of photography (the use of the camera to produce the shot) with an artistic vision to great the shot.”

Now that Jack has achieved his goal, he feels proud of what his photography skills enable him to do: “I would have never thought I could create something so beautiful that brings such joy to others!”

Jack get his inspiration from two areas.

One area of inspiration comes from being an active member of the KelbyOne online photography community which allowed him to take classes from many of the best photographers in the world. People like Scott Kelby, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Dave Black and Rick Sammon. He’s also taken classes from Melanie Kearn-Favilla whom Jack considers just about the best flower photographer there is.

“I find myself going back and studying their work all the time to help myself improve my own images.”

Another area of inspiration comes from renowned photographer, Jay Maisel who, Jack says, is not only “one of the greatest photographers to have ever lived, he’s a fascinating individual as well.”

Yet, Jack admits, there is a third area of inspiration still, and this comes from the world around him. “I see photo possibilities everywhere I look!”

Jack’s style is all about uniqueness and vibrant colours.

“I tend to look for photos that lend themself to bright vibrant colors. Also, I’m always trying to create a ‘unique’ shot. Something you haven’t seen before. One of the greatest compliments I ever received was when a noted photographer told me that he had seen 1000’s of photos of a particular building in NYC but had never seen it shot from the angle that I had taken the shot. Also, when taking a photo, I try to ensure that I’m using the entire frame. I view the frame as very valuable space and I don’t want to waste any of it!”

Jack is lucky to have a large room in his home to call his studio. This gives him the flexibility of not only using the outdoors for his photography shoots, but also the space inside his home to create professional studio shoots, primarily of flowers. His studio has large windows on three sides and has beautiful light particularly in the early morning which greatly aids his efforts to create ideal lighting for his photography.

Over the last several years, Jack has been enjoying the recognition that he deserves. He has won a “Best in Show” award in the Gallery 14 Juried Show Hopewell (New Jersey, July 2019), has participated in Phillips mill Juried Show in New Hope, PA, in April 2020, and has been featured in numerous blogs throughout 2018 and 2020.

Like most other photographers, Jack admits that his biggest challenge is time.

“I’m limited to other life responsibilities that limit the time I can spend. While being stuck inside during the pandemic, I tried to devote at least some time every day to my photography. Whether I was taking / editing photos or taking an on-line class or just studying the work of there, I tried to spend at least some time every day on my photography.”

From time to time, Jack accepts commissions.

Follow his website or Instagram page to help him grow his photography practice!




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