Jakub Pasierkiewicz takes 2nd place in the “Abstract My World” Show (Traditional Art Category)!

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Jakub Pasierkiewicz from Poland takes 2nd Place in the Traditional Art category of our “Abstract My World” show with his work “Composition IV”! Our juror Robert MacNeil was very impressed and praised it by saying “I felt the essence of life while viewing this stunning piece, All the stamps representing stories, journeys and experiences happening or missed while the insects convey a shortness of life while being part of the circle of life. Stunning creation. Very creative and stunning work.”

“The main focus of my work is placed upon compilations of various pre-existing materials, which were collected from the surrounding environment and then given new significance in an image. By interrupting the natural processes of these materials, I take away their primary functions. When one process stops, another starts: by alternating, layering and arranging them together, I allow them to develop, almost like being reborn, gaining new implications within a new context. By adopting found fragments of paper and other materials I observe the metamorphosis which has taken place and either follow the initial motif/ structure/ form or by ignoring this imprint of nature I try to discover a new potential by introducing new mechanisms in order to develop new integrity. The materials are treated here as a medium and a process rather than as a surface. Following Dadaist’s idea which says that everything is everywhere and conversely, I experiment with the medium to give the viewer impulses to find his or her own path to interpretation..”

Jakub’s Short Auto-Bio

I was born in 1980 in Poland and I graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005.
Since I moved to England in 2006, I have exhibited my works mainly in Europe, India, the US and Canada which include: The ING Discerning Eye (UK),
PABA International Photo Competition (Pakistan), NOA17 (UK), Hiii Photography 2017 (China), The Indian Photography Festival IPF (India), Berlin Foto Biennale 2016 (Germany), MIFA Photography Awards’17 (Russia).


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