Paul Collins takes 1st place in the “Abstract My World” Show (Photography & Digital Art Category)!

Paul Collins from United Kingdom takes 1st Place (Best in Show) in the Photography & Digital Art category of our “Abstract My World” show with his work “Oculus”! Our juror Robert MacNeil praised it by saying “Such a powerful image, as you look into it, it pulls you in like an all seeing eye. Great image!”

Oculus #1

“As an artist I combine my passion for design with my love of colour to produce contemporary geometric abstract art using vibrant, gradated and tonal palettes. I enjoy working with different structural elements, such as squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, stripes, and curves in various configurations and colour combinations to produce compositions based around movement, energy and fluidity. Each piece of work is planned usually with some preliminary sketches prior to setting on the final composition by digital means. I draw inspiration for my art from a varied range of sources including the work of contemporary artists of this and the last century; particularly of the Art Deco period as well as visual and organic sources within world around us. My engineering mind can also influence the conception of some pieces. My work is constantly evolving as I continually explore the interrelations of colours and various shapes. Although my art by definition is abstractive simplicity and sincerity is important to me but at the same time I like to invoke feelings of tension and repose, symmetry and asymmetry, dynamism and stasis to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and present them with a multitude of dynamic visual sensations to provide a lasting memory of what has been viewed.”

Paul’s Short Bio

Award winning artist Paul J. Collins lives and works in the historic market town of Ringwood in the county of Hampshire in the UK. His interest in art began in his childhood years and was a favourite pastime at home and as a subject at school. At home he would be absorbed for hours painting or drawing which gave him a calmness of spirit and inner contentment. With the encouragement of his art tutor it was during these years that he began using geometry as a foundation for creating art which gained him an award in senior school. This particular method and style of working suited his methodical and precise way of thinking; a factor which would also play a part in other aspects of his life including his choice of career as an engineering draughtsman. In his adult years creating art in his spare time continues to be an exciting and fascinating passion. He has experimented with different paint and drawing media and artistic techniques and more recently has enjoyed producing work by digital means, creating geometric abstract pieces using vivid colour palettes combining his interest in design with his love of beauty, colour and form.


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