Who We Are…
Online Art Gallery with Many Artistic Opportunities

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Our mission is to support Visual Artists & Photographers by offering artistic opportunities aimed at establishing or enhancing an already established presence within the Global Artist Community.

Tall Sequoia Gallery is an online establishment that has been created by Artist for Artists.

We are Artists ourselves. This means we understand the challenges that you, as an Artist in today’s competitive world, may be facing… because we are facing them too.

The idea to setup this Gallery came as a result of the multiple struggles that we have come across on our own Artist journey. This was when we thought “we can do better! We can become a Gallery of choice for Artists & Photographers who are trying to promote themselves, to establish a stronger presence of their art practice within the Global Community!”

There are other online galleries out there, we know… We also know that many Artists have been burned, and some even outright hate online Galleries because they believe that many of them just use your art to promote themselves…

We are striving to be better, and we are doing this by giving you our promise that we will always work in honest ways when dealing with our Artist Community, when promoting your art, when protecting your information, and when providing our services to you!

What we have to offer

In creating a brand for our Gallery, we have asked ourselves: “What services are most valued within the Artist Community and would prove to be most beneficial to Artists & Photographers?” We came up with several:

  • Art & Photography Exhibitions
  • Award Recognitions
  • Artist & Photographer Features
  • Residency / Solo Exhibitions & Art Sale
  • Social Media Shoutouts

Today, our Gallery is proud to be offering all of these services to you at very affordable cost, and we are open to a collaboration whereby for a simple like of our facebook page or a follow of our Instagram account along with tagging 1-2 friends, we will waive your entry fee for most services completely!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our online Gallery and the impressiveness of our online Art & Photography Exhibitions, and truly hope they bring value to our Artistic Community!

We strive to provide you with outstanding customer service, and are willing to go the extra mile in order to meet your needs and expectations!

We invite you to join our artist community by submitting your artwork to one or more of our open calls!

We welcome artists of all profiles and mediums. No matter what your style of work is and your professional education and experience, your submissions will be welcomed at Tall Sequoia Gallery! We ensure that NO BIASES are used in our selection process – all is fair game where only the artwork submitted matters, and your experience, art education and background are irrelevant.

Paintings, digital art, photography, drawings, collage – you name it! – all are accepted to be part of our competitions and shows. We are simply honoured to work with amazing artists like you because we realize that all art is art, and everyone who creates art is an artist!

You are welcomed at Tall Sequoia Gallery!

– The Tall Sequoia Team