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Art & Photography Exhibition

“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes….Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.”
― Arshile Gorky

Through the lens of our eye as abstract artists and photographers, we see the world differently. The world becomes shapes and colours, combinations of geometric figures and lines of different sizes and patterns, all organized in ways that, seemingly chaotic, actually speak to us.

Abstracting our world into shapes, forms and colours, making it recognizable only to a point, intriguing the viewer with our own representation of the visual reality that is uniquely different from another’s – is the essence of Abstract Art & Photography, and it intrigues us and makes us analyze.

It takes imagination – wild imagination – to explore the use of shapes, colours, forms and patterns without being limited by the boundaries of the real world. These boundaries are not observed; they are purposefully avoided, allowing us to investigate the possibilities of this limitless exploration, taking us on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, feelings, curiosity.


“This was a very hard task selecting our top three images as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What appeals to one may do nothing for another. I wanted to feel your art first, let my heart and soul see and feel before my eductaion and training could speak. I always look before reading an artist statement so my viewing is pure. I then read what the artist stated to see if I saw or embraced what the artist wanted. The work submitted was full of passion, energy and love and for that I wanted to say thank you for sharing it with us.

Art is such a beautiful journey. I would love to see where your passion and creative journey takes all of you over the next few years. Thank you all for creating these wonderful pieces of art and for being a part of this Abstract event. Please keep up the great work and stay passionate and creative.

Robert MacNeil is a Toronto born photographer whose work has appeared in 1,000+ magazines worldwide and has exhibited multiple times at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and The Scotiabank Contact photo festival.
His work has been in galleries from Warsaw to Los Angeles and many cities in between. Robert’s photography career started 35 years ago but due to an almost life ending accident was put on hiatus for 25+ years.
Robert only picked up a camera again 8 years ago and has been playing catch up every since with the millions of ideas that have come into his head since the accident.
His passion is Couture fashion photography and he loves to promote local designers and artisans. His latest project was shooting the album cover for award winning singer Alexa Ray slated for release mid september 2020.
You can see more of his work at www.instagram.com/robmacneilphoto

Tall Sequoia Gallery is very thankful to all participating artists! This Art Show is cool because of you, and without each and every one of you it would not be the success that it is! We are extremely proud of all the artistic talent and all of the wonderful works submitted for this show! And of course, sincere congratulations to all of the winners and Honorable Mention Recipients of this exhibition!

Please expect the artists’ copyrights when viewing this show!

Exhibition Winners

1st Place (Traditional Art)
Belinda Bell, USA

Winning artwork title is “Madame of Butterfly” performed using Mixed Media on Bristol Paper.
Juror’s Feedback: “This piece is very representative of today’s world. I felt the artist telling almost two stories, one of change or transformation and one of the pandemic. The wings feel like a mask and the faces of those lost. Fantastic work. Powerful image and powerful story telling!”
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1st Place “Best in Show” (Photography & Digital Art)
Paul Collins, United Kingdom
Winning photograph title is “Oculus 1”.
Juror’s Feedback: “Such a powerful image, as you look into it, it pulls you in like an all seeing eye. Great image.”
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2nd Place “Best in Show” (Traditional Art)
Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Poland
Winning artwork title is “Extinct” performed using mixed media drawing techniques.
Juror’s Feedback: “I felt the essence of life while viewing this stunning piece, All the stamps representing stories, journeys and experiences happening or missed while the insects convey a shortness of life while being part of the circle of life. Stunning creation. Very creative and stunning work!”
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2nd Place (Photography & Digital Art)
Nikhail Asnani, USA
Winning artwork title is “Dancefloor”; performed in the technique of light photography.
Juror’s Feedback: “Close your eyes and you are there, you can feel the music, the motion and the energy. Fantastic abstract image.”
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3rd Place (Traditional Art)
Cathy Clemensen, USA
Winning photograph title is “ModScape”.
Juror’s Feedback: “While many pieces had a story to tell, this piece was very calming, almost peaceful with a Dali-esque feel. I felt as though I was lying on the grass watching the flowers and following the path of a bee. Great piece. Colour play and control in my mind makes this a wonderful image.”
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3rd Place (Photography & Digital Art)
Monica Nance McCann, Canada
Winning photograph title is “Ghost”.
Juror’s Feedback: “There’s more to this image the longer you look at it. The model feels like a statue and her spirit has left us after a great battle. Sometimes sublte edits tell a greater story. Stunning image.”
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Honourable Mentions

Julien Van Middendorp, The Netherlands: “The Fragile Art of Existence”

Arlene Koszorek, Canada: “Flight”

Alexey Adonin, Israel: “Under the Sea”

Karen Robinson, USA: “In The Fronds”

Bjorn Kleemann, USA: “I see no Reason for Recording the Obvious”

Paul Gravett, Canada: “Reappearance-4”


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