Annette Back 


“I create abstract or figurative paintings that tell a story and connect with people’s emotions. My interpretations of nature, shapes and figures are often achieved by transferring photos and text on a first layer, then painting over that with layers upon layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, geometric shapes, textures, patterns, and shades. I use many different techniques and interesting color combinations to achieve my vision. Inspirations and ideas come from everything around me. Sometimes a moment in nature or a transition in a video will spark an idea, sometimes an old photograph – the face of a child or raindrops. My work is a continuation of my personal growth, I am never afraid to explore and experiment. I have a bold, colorful approach that flows onto the canvas. Painting makes me feel happy, at peace and loving life.”

With an undying love for colors and a singular passion for creating something unique, Annette Back has successfully emerged on the art scene to share her unique perspective. Her ideology is simple: You can find beauty in the smallest of things and use it as a source of happiness. She channels her inner joy into her artwork, finding depth in even the smallest of things.

While growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, Back first explored her artistic abilities when she was just 14. At the age of 17, she shifted to the U.S. with her family, where her creative calling made here discover the School of Visual Arts in NYC and successfully complete a degree in Fine Arts. Years of dedication have transformed her into an artist who produces exemplary original paintings that speak volumes about her broad perspective and mature skills.

Back’s style of painting is refreshing. She loves playing with a palette of vibrant hues and bold, fearless brush strokes. Her art pieces are accentuated with natural or man-made textures and patterns. She integrates photos and texts into her paintings and experiments with diverse techniques, lines, and shades. According to Back, experimentation is the key to making masterpieces.

In addition to enjoying a rewarding career in the design industry and gaining extensive experience as a Creative Director, Back is all set to explore her passion for the Fine Arts. Her attention-to-detail and reliable nature ensure an outpouring of compliments from her clients, who are thrilled with her paintings.

She has potential, determination, and a unique vision of the world. Annette Back’s vision of a successful artist is someone who spreads joy through their artwork, and she is certainly aiming to become one such artist!


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