Artist / Photographer Feature Articles

Artists and Photographers who get featured in our Feature Articles benefit from higher visibility and exposure on the Internet. Our Feature Article option offers an opportunity to have an engaging article published about you and your art or photography practice.

We accept up to 6 image submissions for Features, and will include direct links back to your website and social media accounts.


Artwork on this page is by Anastasia Rydlevskaya.

What you get

  • Article written about you and your art/photography practice.
  • Up to 6 images of your artworks showcased in your article.
  • Direct links to your website, facebook and/or instagram account.
  • Direct ability for the reader to email you with inquiries.
  • Shoutouts on our social media accounts showcasing your feature and your artworks, with links back to your own social media profile to help drive traffic to you.

See examples of feature articles here.

Image Standards

When submitting images of your artwork, please ensure you are following our image standards:

  2. Ensure images are of good quality. This means: no frames, no light reflections, artwork is not crumbled (is flat).
  3. Image size must not exceed 2MB for each artwork.

Entry Fees

66% discount means you only pay $10 USD! 

Dear Artist, to maintain this website, collect applications, sort through them, select winners, design and publish exhibitions, design and send artist communications, design and send winner certificates, set up Artist features for winners takes a lot of time and effort. We have a wonderful staff working for our Gallery doing all of this work for our Artists, and we hope that you understand that it costs us a certain amount for ongoing monthly expenses to offer these opportunities to you!

We have to pay our staff for collecting and sorting through your beautiful artworks, pay web developers for building and maintaining this website, pay our annual fees for the domain name, hosting package, security tools that make your data safe with us, and tools that make our website so beautiful, social media marketing and website development! Therefore, we hope you understand that in order for us to be able to offer you these services, we must charge relatively small fees for our services.

How to Get Featured

Use the form below to send us your feature request.

Providing sufficient information to us will make your article more engaging to the reader. While all of the questions in this form are optional, we kindly ask you to fill in as much information as you can as this will directly impact the popularity of your post and the number of clicks back to your website and social media accounts to check out more of your art.


Please use fields below to provide some interesting details about the Artistic Talent this Feature is about. If you are submitting this Feature Request for someone else, answer all questions from their point of view.


Please provide a photo of yourself in your art studio as well as photos of your favourite artworks.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 6 files.
Name your artworks "FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_TITLE" in order to ensure that they successfully enter the Competition you are applying for. Size not to exceed 2MB.
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