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“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Art is inseparable from life. Where there is life, there is art. Art has been with us through the ages, dark times, peaceful times, times of despair and times of happiness. Art has powers… Super powers…. It can make us smile, cry, laugh, be sad or happy; it can heal or destroy, influence or subside. Art is a reflection of our world: inner, intimate world which is not visible to others, and outer world that surrounds us, impacts us, challenges us. Art is a reflection of time: it can stop time, or it can speed it up; it can suspend it temporarily while a passerby contemplates a painting deep in their thoughts, suddenly moved by how it seems to reflect exactly what is on their mind, in their heart… Art is powerful. It has Super powers. Art has been. Art is. Art will be. Art is always created in love to itself.

Juror for Artists of the World ExhibitionOUR JUROR

All works were judged by our Juror Liza Zhurkovskaya, a Toronto-based Art Curator, founder of Kefi Art Gallery and the Curator on the Go podcast as a platform for artists, art professionals to share their stories and work, and to learn from each other, and most importantly, to be inspired to pursue their dreams. Liza has experience working directly with galleries and artists since 2015 helping them thrive in the industry through media opportunities, exhibitions, and curatorial advice.Liza has a BA in Art History from the University of Toronto and MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD, Toronto.

Juror’s Statement to the Participating Artists:

In my 2-step Selection Process, I first went through all visuals first and looked for creativity and originality of the depicted theme, quality of artistic composition, skill, and technique, textures (visual and physical) and colors (do they complement or enhance each other). I also highly considered uniqueness and image quality (presentation). This is step 1. I want to highlight that when you submit images, it’s important to make sure they are good quality and not blurry. Otherwise, your works might not be even shown to contest judges.

During step two, I read the artist’s statements to understand what artists wanted to say or what emotions they wanted to express. This method keeps the art from being overshadowed immediately by what the artist is saying about his or her work. I compared the artist’s intent with what I had previously understood to see if my opinion has changed. I believe that when the viewer experiences the artist’s intent before reading the statement, it’s excellent. If they only get it after reading the artist’s statement, that’s ok too, just not quite as good.

I was impressed by the talent and diversity of presented art. I want to thank everyone for participating and hope you are all well and keep creating during this unfortunate time.

Tall Sequoia Gallery is thanking all artists for participating, and expresses its congratulations to all winners and Honorable Mention Recipients! 

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners

1st Place (Best in Show) – Traditional Art
“Widowmaker of the Savanna” By Nathan Cole, Canada

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition & Calls for Artists - Artwork by Nathan Cole 1– – read feature article – –

1st Place (Best in Show) – Photography & Digital Art
“Phase 1 & 2” by John Diephouse, USA

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition - Photography by John Diephouse– – read feature article – –

2nd Place – Traditional Art
“Dark Queen” by Rebeca Segura, Mexico

Tall Sequoia Gallery Artists of the World Exhibition - Artwork by Rebeca Segura
– – read feature article – –

2nd Place – Photography & Digital Art
“The Oak Knows” by Robbie Kaye, USA

– – read feature article – –

3rd Place – Traditional Art
“Peace & Calm” by Kam Tim Lam, Hong Kong

– – read feature article – –

3rd Place – Photography & Digital Art
“Corner Store in the Rain” by Catalina Aranguren, USA

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition Artwork by Catalina Aranguren - Cornerstore in the Rain– – read feature article – –

Honorable Mention Recognition Award Recipients

Honorable Mention – Photography & Digital Art
“Tracks to the Unknown”
by Gary Fairman, Canada

Tall Sequoia Gallery Artists of the World Exhibition - Photography by Gary Fairman

Honorable Mention – Photography & Digital Art
“Placa de Catalunya”
by Alisa Ros, Canada

Honorable Mention – Photography & Digital Art
by Noah Anderson, USA

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition - Noah Anderson

Honorable Mention – Traditional Art
by Juan Francisco Gomez Cambronero, Spain

Tall Sequoia Gallery Artists of the World Exhibition - Juan Francisco Oil Painting Pompas

Honorable Mention – Traditional Art
“Loud and Blue”
by Ivana Pracajic, Czech Republic

Tall Sequoia Gallery Art Exhibition Artwork by Ivana Pracajic - Loud and Blue

Honorable Mention – Traditional Art
“The Valley of Sorrows”
by Ruth Schmidt, Hungary

Ruth Schmidt Oil Painting

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