Art & Photography Exhibition

“The older I get, the more I see the truth. Greatness can be found anywhere. It doesn’t need grandeur. There’s greatness in the ordinary. Maybe even more than elsewhere.”
Sarah McCoy, Marilla of Green Gables

Each and every day around the world millions of Artists & Photographers find their inspiration in ordinary things to create no ordinary art! We have an unstoppable urge to create beauty, and this is what drives our creativity every single time we pick up a brush or a photo camera and hurry to capture the sacred moment before it fleets away… And in this moment of capturing, we are completely in our own element and in a perfect tune with the universe that may seem strange to others, but is everything to us!

This exhibition is celebrating the talent and artistic vision that gives us this power as artists and photographers to create unique art from seemingly ordinary objects.


“I want to congratulate the artists whose works were accepted into the show. Wow, the talent concentrated here is spectacular  The pieces submitted were beautiful and varied immensely in style and technique  I found the medium of Photography to be especially well represented and aesthetically strong. The decision process in selecting the finalists and the winners was very difficult and took a very long time. Thank you so much for inviting me to jury this show!”

Nancy Moore is a Canadian artist born in Ajax, Ontario. She grew up in a household where art and creativity were always encouraged. She credits her father Wayne Moore for giving her a solid foundation on which to build on as an artist. Throughout her artist career, she has enjoyed showing across southern Ontario including galleries in Cobourg, port Perry, Uxbridge, Collingwood and Toronto.

Nancy also actively participates in the artist community, and some of her contributions have been quite significant. They include donating artwork to the Art of Giving charity auction organized by United Way and York Region to benefit those in need, 2017 & 2020, acting as one of two jurors for the Bellville Art Show in September 28, 2019, painting the farewell gift of Deputy Chief Tom Carrique as he embarks on his new position as Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, 2019, and participating as a Wild Card Artist in the TV program, Landscape Artist of the Year Canada, in Cobourg ON (Marble Media) September 22, 2019, (Televised Feb, 2020)

Tall Sequoia Gallery is very thankful to all participating artists: his exhibition would not exist without you! We are extremely proud of all the artistic talent that is out there in the world, and would like to express our sincere congratulations to all winners and Honorable Mention Recipients of this exhibition!

Please expect the artists’ copyrights when viewing this show!

Exhibition Winners

1st Place (Traditional Art)
O Yemi Tubi
from the UK with his oil painting “GELE (Africans’ Head wrap): Vintage and Modern”.
Juror’s Feedback: WBeautiful style in this piece. Love the message. Superior painting technique. Excellent composition. I enjoyed all of your submitted pieces. Well done!
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1st Place (Photography & Digital Art)
Yanninia Marie
from USA with her photograph “Despair”.
Juror’s Feedback: Beautiful piece which tells a story. Great composition and I love the simplicity of the subject and colours. The mood has been successfully set.
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2nd Place (Traditional Art)
Maninder Singh from India with the Etching and Aquatint painting “Extinct”.
Juror’s Feedback: Obvious understanding of human anatomy. I love how you worked your knowledge into your work. Great concept and I think the texture is second to none. Everytime I looked at this painting I found something new. Great work!
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2nd Place (Photography & Digital Art)
Babacar Traore from the Sénégal with the photograph “Zénith”.
Juror’s Feedback: Great story. Composition and colours are very interesting. Subject is very intriguing and, I believe you have pushed the boundries by taking successful risks. I loved the whole series. Thank you.
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3rd Place (Traditional Art)
Alexey Adonin from Israel with his oil painting “Psychedelic Forest”.
Juror’s Feedback: I think the style in which you abstracted nature is very clever. The colours are fresh and the combinations are strong. Good composition and great detail!
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3rd Place (Photography & Digital Art)
Alina Kashitsyna from Greece with her photograph “Sense & Sound”.
Juror’s Feedback: Nice perspective, I love the choice of focus and lighting, great photo. Beautiful composition and nice style. Very sharp, clean work!
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Honourable Mentions

Prachi Sahasrabudhe, India: “Agony-4”

Petra Scott, Germany: “Lets Have a Coffee Outside”

Attri Chetan, India: “Enclosure and Opening -3”

Nikyra Capson, USA: “Relics of a Pandemic (Fetal)”

Fred Moore, Canada: “Bright Idea”

Tekla Gedeon, Hungary: “Extended Forest-Sunk in Soil”


“ORDINARY NO-ORDINARY” Exhibition Gallery


All image copyrights are owned by the artists who created them. Please do not copy or reproduce.
This gallery uses randomizes sorting in an effort to make it fair to all artists & photographers whose work is showcased.