Social Media Story
Story Featuring You and Your Art or Photography Practice

At Tall Sequoia Gallery, we know how important it is to let people know about your work because unless you do, your work will decorate only your own walls. That is why we are offering an opportunity to have your Artistic Story published on our Social Media accounts to help you promote your art!


  • Send us up to a 2 minute long video done with your smart phone.
  • Video must be recorded using vertical disposition.
  • Video must have been shot in your creative environment with objects surrounding you relevant to your practice.
  • Video may be of any of the following:
    • Studio tour
    • You creating your work
    • Your art collection
    • Your art exhibition
    • You telling about your own artistic career like you would in an interview
  • Use proper language without any profanity or inappropriate jargon/slang/etc.
  • There must be no sounds or noises that are not done by you either speaking or working on your art.
  • If possible, use background music.


As this is an introductory service, we are offering it for free at this time!


  1. Record your video. Ensure it follows all requirements outlined above.
  2. Use the form below to send us your video and all other mandatory information.
  3. Give us up to 2 days to post your video on our story!